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Why Faux Flowers?

The perfect alternative to fresh

There are a number of reasons why you should choose faux flowers but below are some of my favourites... 

  • They can be reused and recycled so there is no waste - really important to me with the current state of the worlds 'throw away' mentality.

  • They require minimal maintenance - they just need a little dusting now and again and they will never die on you.

  • Perfect for allergy sufferers - As a hay fever sufferer myself it is always tricky to have fresh flowers in my home without the symptoms that come with this seasonal affliction.

  • What better way to keep a memory of the happiest day of your life - All you need to do is sit your bouquet in a beautiful vase and have it on display all year round. 

  • You can have flowers that are not in season - Have a favourite flower but want to get married when that flower is not performing at its best? No problem with faux!

  • Easily transported - perfect for destination weddings and will arrive in plenty of time. Your personal wedding or event flowers will also arrive in plenty of time so there is one less thing for you to worry about as the big day approaches.

  • They always look as fresh as the day they were picked (if they were real)!

I absolutely love my silk flower wreath. This is the second arrangement I have bought from this shop. Amazing quality and look very realistic. Fantastic customer service also.

Jennifer Asher

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