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How to save money on your wedding flowers.

Every Bride and/or Groom has a different budget and this will be spread out among their different priorities for their wedding day but 9 times out of 10 wedding flowers come pretty high on the priority list.

Having the grand plans and 'Pinterest board' ideas isn’t always achievable and couples find themselves cutting down their 'wish list' to fit within their budget. So, I wanted to offer some advice and cost saving ideas for your wedding planning when it comes to your wedding flowers.

1.Time of year.

Flowers have their ‘spotlight’ moments throughout the year. Valentines, Mothers Day and Chrismas! If you are getting married around these times then expect to pay a higher price for your fresh wedding flowers as the prices increase from the suppliers and these prices need to be passed down the chain to you. If you haven’t yet booked a date, consider this if you are looking for fresh flowers. If artificial flowers are an option, then this doesn’t really apply. Bonus!


2. Seasonality.

Certain  flowers bloom at certain times of the year so if you have specific preferences about the types of flowers you want in your wedding flowers then you need to do your research here. If you really want Peonies but you also really want a date in August…. You won’t be able to have both if fresh flowers are your first choice, unless you are willing to pay the price and get them shipped in from somewhere else.

Rather than being flower specific, consider picking a colour palette and have trust in your florist with your vision and your budget We are fully experienced in knowing what would work best for you based on the conversations that we have had with you prior to you deciding we are the right fit for you and your wedding.

Again, you wont have this problem if you are having artificial flowers!


3. Reuse and Repurpose.

The most important cost saving tip!

Flowers that are used in your wedding ceremony can be repurposed for your wedding reception. It is such a shame for flowers to only be used for such a short period of time, they are beautiful and should be enjoyed and admired for as long as possible.

Your florist will be able to guide you and explain exactly how your flowers could be repurposed. Don’t forget your bouquets can be repurposed and used as table centerpieces as well.

4. Arrangements.

Have you ever considered an alternative to a bridesmaid bouquet? Bouquets contain a high volume of flower and foliage stems and this means a higher value in price. A bridesmaid corsage can provide just as much impact and beauty but it scales back on the price. They are very elegant when finished off with a beautiful trailing ribbon.

Your table centerpieces don’t have to be large. Bud vases, usually 3 or 5 small and delicate crystal vases containing a few stems can be a stunning centerpiece when paired with beautiful candle votives and tealights. Mix it up with some taller tapered candles to create a little more impact but this could still be a more affordable and equally as stunning option.

A beautiful idea for your bridesmaids bouquets is to select one specific flower type from your Bridal Bouquet and give each of your bridesmaids a bouquet made up of just that single flower. It still provides that cohesive appearance whilst adding a personal touch to each of your bridesmaids.

5. Potted Plants

Potted plants and herbs are a big trend and it’s only getting bigger. Using potted plants such as lavender or ferns will take up a larger area and still look absolutely beautiful. These can be repurposed throughout the day but they can also be gifted as a ‘Thank you’ or even as favours. If you don’t like the idea of gifting them, take them home and keep them in your own garden. Look after them and you will have a living memory of your wedding day for years to come. Artificial flowers and plants work really well for this option too and they can be hired, a good idea if 'gardening' isn't your thing.

If you want to learn more about how much wedding flowers cost, follow the link below.


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