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What Flowers do I need for my Bridal Party?

Planning a wedding is a beautiful journey filled with countless decisions, and one of the most delightful choices you'll make is selecting flowers for your bridal party. While fresh blooms are classic, artificial flowers offer stunning, versatile, and long-lasting alternatives. Whether you're aiming for timeless elegance, modern chic, or something entirely unique, artificial flowers can meet your every need without the worry of wilting or seasonal limitations. Here's a guide to help you choose the perfect artificial flowers for your bridal party.


1. The Bridal Bouquet


The bridal bouquet is the centerpiece of your floral arrangements. It should reflect your style and the overall theme of your wedding. Popular choices for artificial bridal bouquets include:


- Roses: Symbolizing love and beauty, artificial roses come in a variety of colors to match your theme.

- Peonies: Known for their lush, full blooms, peonies add a touch of romance and sophistication.

- Calla Lilies: These sleek and elegant flowers are perfect for a modern or minimalist wedding.

- Tips: Match the bouquet to your dress and wedding theme. Consider adding personal touches like silk ribbons.



2. Bridesmaid Bouquets


Bridesmaid bouquets should complement the bridal bouquet while being slightly simpler. Consider these options:


- Hydrangeas: These voluminous blooms make a statement and are available in many hues.

- Dahlias: With their intricate petals, dahlias add texture and depth to the arrangements.

- Anemones: These flowers, with their striking centers, provide a pop of contrast and interest.

- Tips: Choose flowers that coordinate with the bridesmaids' dresses and the overall color scheme.


3. Boutonnieres or Buttonholes


Boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen should be small but impactful. Ideal artificial flowers for boutonnieres include:


- Mini Roses: A classic choice that pairs well with any attire.

- Succulents: For a trendy and unique touch.

- Orchids: These exotic flowers add a touch of luxury and elegance.

- Tips: Keep the design simple and in line with the bridal bouquet.


4. Corsages


Corsages for the mothers of the bride and groom, as well as grandmothers, should be beautiful yet comfortable to wear. Consider:


- Spray Roses: Smaller than traditional roses, spray roses are delicate and lovely.

- Ranunculus: These blossoms are known for their layers and vibrant colors.

- Freesias: Fragrant and elegant, freesias are a wonderful choice for corsages.

- Tips: Opt for wrist corsages for comfort and ease of wear.

5. Flower Crowns


For a whimsical or boho-chic wedding, flower crowns for the bride and bridesmaids can be a stunning addition and they also work really well for the older Flowergirl/younger Bridesmaid. Popular artificial flowers for crowns include:


- Daisies: Simple, sweet, and perfect for a laid-back vibe.

- Lavender: Adds a touch of color and a hint of rustic charm.

- Eucalyptus: Ideal for greenery crowns, eucalyptus can be combined with other flowers for a full, lush look.


6. Flower Girl Petals


Adorable and enchanting, flower girl accessories can include baskets of petals, flower crowns, flower hoops or wands and small bouquets.

Artificial petals are a practical and beautiful choice for your flower girl to scatter down the aisle. Choose petals that match your overall floral scheme, such as:


- Rose Petals: Timeless and classic, available in a range of colors.

- Cherry Blossom Petals: For a touch of springtime elegance.

- Sunflower Petals: Perfect for a summer or rustic wedding.

- Tips: Ensure the accessories are lightweight and easy for little hands to carry.


7. Ceremony and Reception Décor


Don’t forget to coordinate your bridal party flowers with your ceremony and reception décor. Consider using similar artificial flowers for:


- Aisle Markers: Small bouquets or arrangements tied to chairs or pews.

- Centerpieces: Table arrangements that tie in with the bridal and bridesmaid bouquets.

- Archways: Lush floral arches or backdrops for a stunning ceremony focal point.

- Altar Arrangements: Large arrangements to frame the ceremony area.



- Tips: Use flowers that match the bridal bouquet for a cohesive look.



Final Tips


- Consistency: Ensure a cohesive look by using the same flowers across different elements.

- Color Scheme: Match the flowers to your wedding color palette for a harmonious appearance.

- Personal Touch: Add elements that reflect your personal style or significant memories.


Artificial flowers offer endless possibilities for creating beautiful and lasting memories on your special day. By thoughtfully choosing the right blooms for your bridal party, you can achieve a breathtaking and cohesive look that will be remembered for years to come.


Looking for the perfect artificial flowers for your bridal party? Browse my stunning gallery and let me help you create the wedding of your dreams with flowers made bespoke to you and your requirements!

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